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The art of advertising consists in making the consumer choose your product to all the other products available out there.

KompAni Advertising will help you obtain the most effective advertising of your brand through:
  • TV and Radio

  • Newspapers and magazines

  • Internet

  • Outdoor

  • Web site

  • Direct marketing

  • Business-to-business


    Whether their aim is to promote products or build image, TV and radio clips are still the key communication vehicles. The subtle blend of concept, message and aesthetics is capable to capture attention and persuade into buying all in 20 seconds time.

    KompAni Advertising team will contemplate, create and produce TV and radio clips to fit the needs of your consumer, express your brand accurately and take the breath away.


    It is necessary that your press adverts attracts the attention of a person flipping through a newspaper or a magazine, but it also needs to deliver the accurate information about the product that it sells.

    Press ad is particularly important for advertising the products whose purchase is usually planned in advanced.


    Although it may sometimes be characterised as a support media billboards can often play a key role in your media campaign.

    Apart from the fact that it is colossal, impressive and attractive, it manages to reach some of the most latent consumers.


    Advertising on the most visited or specialised Internet sites allows you to access your directly on virtually face-to-face basis.


    Web presentations have become a compulsory part of market behaviour and communication. Good web presentation provides fast, accurate and visually rich information delivery. It establishes the interactive communication with the consumer.

    A good site will not only make you look good in the eyes of the competition, but will allow you to:
  • deliver much more information about your product

  • access to your target group directly

  • communicate with the members of your target group in their ’language’
  • Web sites are frequently used as on-line sales points, so our clients often order the interactive Web presentations.


    Send the relevant information directly to potential customers through a mail process either physical or electronic.

    Not only that you will be sure that the right information has reached the key decision makers, but you will be able to build quality customer relations and exercise a greater control over the communication effects.


    If the nature of your business is to exchange products, services or information with other businesses rather then with the customers KompAni offers you the tools necessary to handle this in the most appropriate way.

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