Monday, May 23rd, 2022 


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Our team
  • Veljko Djurić
    Director Advertising

  • Aleksandra Vojin
    Account Manager

  • Dragana Babić
    Account Manager

  • Mirjana Đukanović
    New Client Service

  • Jelena Stanković
    Advertising Creative

  • Snežana Nikolić
    Art Director

  • Marko Raletić
    Art Director

  • We keep our mind open for creativity at all times. So, if you feel that you are creative enough and would like to cooperate with us on a free-lance basis please contact us at
    KompAni Advertising +381 11 3811 000

    advertising > team next >

    KOMPANI     NUSICEVA 15, BEOGRAD, SRBIJA       TEL. +381.     FAX +381.