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  Digital Voodoo offers a range of SD and HD SDI Apple QuickTime only 10 bit uncompressed video cards for use in the digital content creation industry.

Digital Voodoo was the first 10 bit uncompressed PCI video card manufacturer to develop Apple OS9 drivers for Final Cut Pro. As a result of being first to market, Digital Voodoo has an install base of many thousand customers around the world. During 2003, Digital Voodoo successfully migrated its SD SDI installed customer base from OS9 to OSX by releasing G4, OSX Jaguar compatible drivers for FCP and other QuickTime compatible applications. Since then, drivers for G5 and OSX Panther have been developed enabling new and existing customers to use Apple's RT Extreme and Photo JPEG functionality.

Digital Voodoo provides Bluefish444 customers with the ability to use Bluefish444 video cards on the Apple platform. Bluefish444 customers can simply download the relevant Digital Voodoo driver and seamlessly their Bluefish444 Windows enabled product becomes compatible with Apple and QuickTime.

Digital Voodoo offers Apple developers the opportunity to develop their application around Digital Voodoo hardware by providing QuickTime components compatible with the latest Apple QuickTime API.

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digiTV > products and partners > hardware > Digital Voodoo next >

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