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3D animation

Autodesk 3ds Max highly customizable and scalable 3D animation, modeling and rendering solution for creative professionals and large-scale pipelines

Autodesk Character Studio advanced character animation option for 3ds Max

mental ray the industry's top rendering solution available within 3ds Max

Autodesk Gmax free 3D modeling and animation tool for modifying your favorite video games

Editing and finishing

Discreet Fire the ultimate real-time, non-compressed, high-resolution, non-linear editing and finishing system

Discreet Smoke integrated editing and finishing system for SD, HD, 2K film and above

Digital color grading

Discreet Lustre high performance 2K/4K digital grading and color correction system

Media mastering and encoding

Autodesk Cleaner XL industry-standard media mastering and encoding solution for Windows

Autodesk Cleaner 6 for Mac industry-standard media mastering and encoding solution for Apple Macintosh

Effects and compositing

Discreet Inferno the ultimate interactive design system for high-resolution visual effects

Discreet Flame industry-leading real-time visual effects design and compositing system

Discreet Flint advanced visual effects system for post-production and broadcast graphics

Autodesk Toxik interactive, collaborative compositing solution for feature film pipelines

Autodesk Combustion comprehensive desktop software for motion graphics, compositing and visual effects

Workflow and media management

Autodesk Backdraft flexible media management and background I/O solution

Autodesk Burn multi-node background processing solution

Autodesk Stone Direct high-speed fibre channel storage solutions for real-time access to high-resolution media

Autodesk Stone Shared high bandwidth, real-time storage area network for multi-user collaboration

Autodesk Stone Switched robust, scalable, high-performance collaborative storage environment.

Autodesk Wire networking solution for the high-speed transfer of media over TCP/IP

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digiTV > products and partners > software > Autodesk Media and Entertainment next >

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