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INCITE AVEXCO CORPORATION INC, established in Geneva Switzerland, 1997, originally came into being to develop an exciting new software project incorporating the latest desktop video technology. It was a joint venture between a Swiss company, building professional television studios internationally and a Canadian developer of professional video software.

Incite Editor

Incite Digital Workflow

Incite Editor E3 Studio
Incite Remote Producer RP
Incite Media Producer MP
Incite Newsmaker N1
Incite News N2

Incite Scheduler
Incite Video Server S2 & S4
Incite File Server
Incite Video Printer
Incite Task Server Q10

Incite MAM
Incite Media Manager Pro
Incite Media Manager M2
Incite Media Logger M1
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digiTV > products and partners > software > Incite next >

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