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  Over the last 25 years, Matrox has taken its place as leader and innovator in today’s hottest, most state-of-the-art technologies designing software and hardware solutions in the fields of Graphics, Video editing, Image processing and New business media.

An International Success

With over 1,000 employees worldwide, headquarters in Dorval on the island of Montreal and sales offices in North America, Europe and Asia, we are one of North America’s most successful high tech companies. Our revolutionary technology, customer-oriented philosophy, and reputation for exceptional product quality and value set us apart from the competition. Our products have earned us over 1000 prestigious industry awards for product excellence and secured us business partnerships with industry leaders.



  • Matrox Axio
  • Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme Pro
  • Matrox RT.X10 HW
  • Matrox DigiSuite Platforms
  • Matrox InfonetTV
  • Developer products
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    digiTV > products and partners > hardware > Matrox next >

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