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Centauri II - Audio Gateway Codecs
The ISDN/IP Audio Codec family consists
of bi-directional codecs (encoder/decoder)
and decoders. Depending on the various
models they support mono, stereo or
5.1 and 7.1 multichannel audio combined
with the most modern audio formats.
In addition pure IP codecs and IP audio
decoders for low cost reception of professional
audio are available as well.
audio video realtime solution

Portable Reporter Codecs
Portable and mobile audio codecs with a variety
of the contemporary audio formats for high
quality and low delay are offered with Flashman II,
Sporty and MERK II. Transmission possibilities
via ISDN and IP, here via DSL, but also Wi-Fi/WLAN
and UMTS/3G secure the broadest connectivity
spectrum for live news. For professional reporting
there are recording capabilities using SD memory card
or USB stick available.

IO [io] 8000/8001
MAYAH’s new IO [io] series en/decoders
take MPEG-4 to the next level of picture
quality and line cost efficiency with
full D1 PAL/NTSC resolution at 1-2 Mbit/s
and with progressively lower resolutions
suitable for PDA / MobileTV applications.

Supporting MPEG-4 SP, ASP and AVC (H.264)
the IO [io] family covers the requirements
of broadcasting and corporate applications
with DVB-H, DMB, UMTS/3G, SNG, Reporting,
Distribution, In-House streaming and IPTV
with its “universal” ISMA-compliant MPEG-4 stream.

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digiTV > products and partners > hardware > mayah next >

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