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MediaGrid™ Active Storage System

Omneon MediaGrid is the first content storage system
that plays an active part in the broadcast workflow.
More than just high-performance shared storage for
all users within a facility, MediaGrid constantly
adapts to the changing resiliency and bandwidth
requirements of the broadcast workflow and actively
performs media processing functions on stored content.

Spectrum Media Server

The Omneon Spectrum™ media server system
is the industry's most scalable, reliable
and cost effective video server and storage
infrastructure for television production,
playout, and archive applications — a solution
that's transforming the economics of
broadcasting for television operations worldwide.
Media server solutions from Omneon enable
broadcasters to migrate from analog to digital,
from tape to disk, from standard definition to
high definition and from single to multi-channel

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digiTV > products and partners > hardware > omneon next >

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