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If you look for a highly professional, versatile, flexible, reliable, but also comfortable subtitling system, then PlayCaptions is the ideal solution for you.

Top subtitling application

PlayCaptions is probably the best subtitling application on the market today. Based on the latest software tools and standards, it benefited from the extensive translating and subtitling experience of its chief developers.

Easy to master

The local language based GUI and the comprehensive Help program simplify and reduce to a strict minimum the user training requirements.

Flexible and straightforward operation

Based on Microsoft Windows RTF format, PlayCaptions leaves to the user a free choice of the preferred word processing software for text preparation. Once saved in the RTF format all text characteristics (font, color, size, bold, italic, etc...) will appear unchanged when transformed in subtitles.

Compatible with legacy subtitling systems

The PlayCaptions application has its own RTF editor as well as the necessary input filters for texts prepared on older systems, allowing thus the reuse of archived translations.

Free bonus software

PlayCaptions is in fact a translation and subtitling SYSTEM offering a comfortable operation both in broadcasting and in home environments. Namely, each software package contains a free editor for an "off-line" production of programmed subtitles.

Reduction of running costs

The transfer of the task of preparing subtitles to the translator's home and using broadcast equipment only for the recording of subtitles, takes off a lot of workload from your production facilities, reducing thus sensibly your running costs.

Top video signal quality

All output signals fully comply with present day highest professional television standards.

Versatile configurations

PlayCaptions supports a number of PAL/NTSC hardware platforms. The workstation can be configured either to insert subtitles internally, or to generate video and key signals to be fed to a production switcher. A full 256 levels key signal is always used.

Turnkey solutions

PlayCaptions is but one link in the whole subtitling chain, which, thanks to its flexibility, can be easily integrated in all environments. We offer to professional users not only the subtitling software package, but also complete technical solutions encompassing all the necessary software, hardware, audio and video components. Our integrated systems represent particularly attractive turnkey solutions as they are user friendly, operationally reliable and flexible and require a minimum of maintenance support.

PlayCaptions Brochure , 380KB

Software characteristics
  • Preview on the VGA screen

  • Automatic, time code driven subtitling

  • Manual or automatic time code programming

  • Internal or external mixing of the 256 levels alpha (key) signal

  • Several types of semi-transparent masks

  • Adjustable colour and density of the mask and the borderline

  • Selectable text positions

  • Unicode complient

  • Support of TTF fonts

  • Integrated RTF editor

  • Possible text import from any editor

  • Local language GUI

  • Comprehensive Help system

  • Selection of different style definitions>

  • Search and replace functions

  • Subtitle conformity check

  • Coexistence in the framework of the same subtitle of different text attributes (different fonts, colours, size, letter type, etc...)

  • Output level adjustment

  • Import of texts prepared on other subtitling systems

  • Time code restoration (old PC, Amiga, advertisement breaks,...)

  • All program parameters can be changed by the user

  • Custom application upgrades

  • Free subtitle preparation software

  • Technical characteristics
    Standard PC configuration
  • Windows 2000 Professional

  • Pentium 4 1.7GHz

  • 256M RAM

  • 30GB Hard disk

  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse

  • 15" SVGA screen

  • Optional components
  • modem

  • 100Base-TX network

  • "Dual head" graphics adapter

  • additional SVGA screen

  • TV system
  • PAL / NTSC
  • Video hardware
  • Chyron pcCODI

  • Matrox DigiSuite family

  • External VGA - to - PAL converter

  • VGA board with a PAL output

  • Input / Output *
    Video inputs

    Component YUV

    Video outputs

    Component YUV





    * - depends on video hardware

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