Thursday, May 28th, 2020 


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Kompani is an Digital technology, Engineering and high-tech consulting company active in digital media management. In all areas of its activities Kompani keeps up with international trends and collects world knowledge through permanent education of its employees and through resources renewal. At the same time Kompani keeps a close watch of local markets, of their evolution and development. Such an approach makes it capable to fully grasp the needs of our clients and to offer them a service based on up-to-date techniques blended with the thorough understanding of local needs.

Kompani's work is based on experience and know-how, on advanced hi-tech solutions, but also on innovation which enables it to create customized, integrated, and optimised solutions that meet the toughest requirements on the market.

+381 11 3348 101

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KOMPANI     NUSICEVA 15, BEOGRAD, SRBIJA       TEL. +381.     FAX +381.