Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 


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Our web development team is able to provide the entire range of website construction services, from the web site total design and the database system design, through graphic solutions, special illustrations, logotypes and presentation structure, to the intranet and extranet design and deployment. Kompani can ensure for its clients web hosting arrangements as well as a wide variety of other services connected with their presence on the internet.

In the domain of web marketing we are well equipped to provide site setting @ foreign & domestic servers, key words optimization for servers, banner and target group client mailing list design, e-mail advertising, but also e-commerce related services such as the design and implementation of advanced Internet applications and Internet shopping concepts.


Kompani web development team uses a host of advanced and versatile technologies to create functional, efficient and visually exceptional web sites and internet applications (HTML / DHTML, Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets, Macromedia Flash MX & Actionscript, Macromedia Director 8.5 & Lingo, Active Server Pages & ASP.net, PHP CGI / Perl, MySQL & Microsoft SQL Serverů)



production > mutimedia > Websites next >

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