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Rockovnik (Rock diaries)
Author: Dusan Vesic

Rockovnik is a documentary series dedicated to the history of rock music in former Yugoslavia. The series starts with the first appearance of that sort of music by the mid 1950s and follows its development until the end of the last millennium.

The Rockovnik series was shot on location with the active participation of a number of musicians and witnesses, from Mile Lojpur and Bijele Strele to the bands that appeared on stage during the 1990s.

Rockovnik pinpoints all essential road marks that were at the same time the most cherished moments of our youth. The pages of this diary are covered with pictures and notes that accompanied our growing up, at the time when the alphabet started with Azra and Atomsko skloniste and finished with Zabranjeno pusenje and Sarlo akrobata. The causes and effects of all these happenings are projected against a backdrop of cultural events of that time both in Yugoslavia and abroad.

More than 150 stage performers told us their stories of love and hate, life and death, successes and failures, addictions (starting with the addiction to decibels), friendships and betrayals. They explained the genesis of some of their favourite tunes, and disclosed why and to whom they were dedicated.

Besides the display of the most popular rock hits of former Yugoslavia, the series contains a number of unpublished audio and video recordings from the archives of RTS and from private collections.

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