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Back in 1993, the name KompAni was derived from the name of its main activity, computer animation. Over the years, KompAniís activities multiplied and expanded, but the same KompAni spirit remained.

Investing on one side into the development of the hi-tech solutions and on the other side into the quality creative staff gave birth to what is today known as KompAni - a unique blend of advanced technology & soul.

The proficiency of our work results out of rich local experience and international know-how.

The experience and the work methodology allow us to keep a close look at the local market, its evolution and development within the region. This approach enables us to fully grasp the needs of our foreign clients and to offer them a service, which would be a blend of a thorough market understanding and advanced technology.

Creativity and know-how are the key imperatives!

KompAni employees are the educated and skilled professionals that hold a great passion for what they do. KompAni keeps up with the international trends and collects the knowledge worldwide through permanent education of its employees and constant resources renewal.

We do what we like and like what we do!


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KOMPANI     NUSICEVA 15, BEOGRAD, SRBIJA       TEL. +381.     FAX +381.