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During 1997 and 1998 Kompani was commissioned to develop a PR strategy and a promotion campaign on television and in printed media for a series of concerts of the RTS orchestras (symphonic, jazz, promenade and folk) and of its choir. Thanks to the quality of that campaign all advertized concerts were sold out weeks before the scheduled date.

For the announcing of films on RTS programmes Kompani selected an advertizing approach and developed the scheduled programme slots or thematic series of films as separate brands. For example each slot had its own composite name coined by using the name of the day, different denominations of the film industry (movies, films, cinema, etc) and a zest of humor.

The Kompani's development of the promotional action "Montenegro, what else" was a classical example of a brand awareness media campaign, whose goal was to make the Montenegrins aware of the potentials and of the uniqueness of their homeland. It should be stressed that the campaign was extremely well received by a large majority of the targeted population.

Kompani created a special anti-war campaign consisting of 46 specially produced video clips. The target group was the public in western countries (essentially in UK and USA). These clips were accepted and broadcasted on more than 200 television channels all over the world, including broadcasters such as BBC, ABC, CNN, SKY, RAI, TF1, ARD, etc.

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