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- Sarene kaze (Multicoloured sayings)
Author: Milan Gutovic

The television series "Sarene kaze" is the result of a close cooperation between Lane Gutovic and Kompani's TV Production and is based on Lane's years long studies of different symbols and myths.

Scientific, mythological, philosophical and historical stories are treated with a humorous tinge and interpreted with all the well-known charm of this popular actor.

All these stories are enriched with animation effects and highly effective cameos, while their overall design bears the easily recognizable Kompani's touch.

The series are shown on the first and second channels of Radio Television Serbia, a co-producer of this programme.

- Sabornik (Catholicon)
Author: Aleksandra Jankovic, psychotherapist
Scheduled: Saturdays at 13.35 on RTS 1

The television series "Sabornik" consists of a number of episodes offering to the widest audience information on some fundamental questions concerning Christianity, the church and the church practices.

By using an attractive approach and an easily understandable discourse, this programme helps the contemporary man to become acquainted with the life of the Church. "Sabornik" highlights the fact that the Church is constituted by all its christened members and not only by ecclesiastical hierarchy and a handful of assiduous practising believers.

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